PH4IAP – Photography 1: Identity and Place

Learning Outcomes

LO1 demonstrate an ability to make technically accomplished photographic work and apply technique purposefully and appropriately

LO2 be able to translate ideas into visual outcomes with confidence and autonomy

LO3 show a developed critical understanding of contemporary practice in relation to historical practice and theory, and the themes explored in this unit

LO4 be able to reflect upon your own work and that of others with increasing confidence and criticality

Suggestions on how to meet the Learning Outcomes

LO1 Select an assignment in which you felt your final outcome showed your strongest technical skills, that could be directing and producing your shoots,
camera handling, lighting, exposure, composition and colour and where you learnt the most about applying your chosen techniques – perhaps you overcame a technical challenge and are proud of the way you adapted your technique and the visual qualities this brought about?

LO2 Which assignment best realised your ideas about your chosen subject, it doesn’t have to have been the outcome that presented the first idea you came up with, but could be one that you had to work through – that was even the toughest to develop – but best showcases your ability to synthesise visual and practical research, your storytelling skills, or where you feel you achieved a more meaningful expression of your subject.

LO3 Learning log entries focusing on research are perfect for this. Perhaps there was a particular reflection post in which you explored a text from the reading list in depth; a piece of independent visual research where you were able to reflect on the photographic work – its context and visual and technical qualities – with a questioning, objective standpoint; a research post further investigating a given theme discovered within the coursework; reflection on a gallery or exhibition visit.

LO4 This could be evidenced through a selection of learning log entries, perhaps where you document personal feedback received from a study visit, the student forum or virtual study event; a couple of research point exercises where you felt you deeply engaged with the work under discussion; a research entry which demonstrates your best visual analysis; or your most thorough reflection post on tutor feedback from a certain assignment.